Vivat, history!

In Krasnoyarsk Sports palace of a name of Ivan Yarygin, the opening ceremony of the XXX International tournament of free-style wrestling Grand-Prix series “Ivan Yarygin” took place.

Laser Christmas trees and birches appear on three huge screens to the strains of “Dubinushki”. Then, changing them, houses and bridges, which the Krasnoyarsk chapel raises above. The countdown to 1990 starts, when for the first time, the awards of the first tournament were played. The unmistakable, strong figure of its founder, Ivan Yarygin, moves towards the audience…

Russian philharmonic orchestra, soloists of the Krasnoyarsk state Opera and Ballet theatre, children’s choir, “Rusichi” band, around ten dancing troupes, cheerleading groups, young athletes took part in the opening ceremony.

Classical performance gracefully combined with modern rhythms of hip-hop, merry Kalinka-Malinka changing to touching “ Swan faithfulness”. Natalya Yarygina was sharing her memories of how it all had begun. Memories of how her husband passionately invited his friends to his mother. How happy he was for Ivan to show his town to the whole world through the bouts of the best wrestlers on the mats. How worried she was about what would happen to his tournament after his death. And now their children and grandchildren has grown up, and the tournament - here it is, alive and well! After the entertainment part was finished, the audience watched the parade of participating countries of the tournament. The guests were greeted by the first deputy of the governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, head of government of the region, Yurii Lapshin, and the president of the Russian Wrestling Federation, the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, Michail Mamiashvili.

- Dear friends! On behalf of the governor and the government of the Krasnoyarsk region, I am happy to see you all at the XXX International tournament of free-style wrestling Grand-Prix series “Ivan Yariguin”, - greeted the audience Yurii Lapshin. – the great wrestler gave a life and his name to that wonderful sports event. I want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to Natalya Alekseevna Yarygina, Russian Wrestling Federation for the efforts, that support the high interest to this beautiful and high spirited kind of sports and gather wrestlers from all over the world in Krasnoyarsk. We hold the jubilee tournament in the reconstructed Sports palace. Now it is not just home for the Yarygin’s tournament bun also for the International Winter Universiade, that takes place in Krasnoyarsk this March. We know that the first Universiade in Russian history took place in Moscow in 1973. That year, wrestling got into the list of Universiade competitions and Ivan Yarygin became a winner of the wrestling tournament. 45 years have passed since then. This year, Krasnoyarsk is the capital of the first Winter Universiade-2019 in Russia. It is not a coincidence. It is the connection of time and history, of sport and life, Krasnoyarsk, Student games and Ivan Yarygin. With all my heart, I wish you the great joy from this great show. Let the strongest win!

- Dear friends and guests of the tournament! Thirty years! – gives vent to memories, Michail Mimiashvili. – It is sad sometimes that time flies so fast. We have remembered today how we come here, to Krasnoyarsk 30 years in a row. For thirty years, the people who are present here today, despite all their troubles, have been coming to this Siberian city. They come not only to watch the bouts and to cheer the world’s and Russian sport. They were coming to meet Ivan, when he was alive, now – to remember, to think about what we are living for. Everything changes – political environment, geography, predilections, influences, but one thing remains the same – the attitude to Ivan’s lifework. I am endlessly grateful for the influence that man had on my life values. He supported me and trusted me, shared all my troubles, especially through the difficulties that our country has been through in the 90s. I am grateful to Krasnoyarsk citizens, these tough and brave people, that they keep the tournament alive! Every year, huge number of people come to the Krasnoyarsk tournament – from USA to Mongolia and all ex USSR countries. Let’s cherish the memory of when we all were fraternal people of one great country. I wish you all good wrestling!


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