Flowers to cherish the memory of the great athlete

Came to cherish the memory of the great wrestler: the president of the Trans-regional charity social fund contributory to development of sport named after Ivan Yarygin and the vice-president of United World Wrestling, Natalya Yarygina, minister of sport of the Krasnoyarsk region, Sergei Alekseev, honored coach of USSR, Russia and Georgia, Dmitrii Mindiashvili, threefold Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, Alexandr Karelin.

The first to come to the pedestal was the coach and second father of the Olympic champion, Dmitrii Vladimirovich Mindiashvili:

-          When people speak of Ivan Yarygin, souls fills with sorrow but, at the same time, with greatness. This greatness gives a relief of the tragedy that touched us all. I always say that I was very lucky. I was the happies of people when I met Ivan and when I saw his remarkable performance all over the world. But despite all his victories, he always remained incredibly modest. There was no such case when he would reply with rudeness to the rudeness of his competitors. He just calmly did his bit and would put everybody on their backs as if they were grilled chickens. Everybody knows that he set a record in Munich, and I wish anybody could repeat it: seven bouts – seven victories by fall. They say, a person should live their life, so their good deeds, warmth and humanity would keep warm the people in the world. I can honestly say, this describes Ivan. He was a person of high moral standards, he sincerely loved his motherland and his family. If he could, he would embrace the whole world.

Alexandr Karelin - welcome guest at each “Ivan Yarygin” tournament. This time he came to Krasnoyarsk just for half of a day.

-          I am here to support the efforts of the regional Wrestling Academy, leaders of the region and Natalya Alekseevna because they are doing a great job. They had the Palace of Sports reconstructed, renewed, repaired. So, now we can watch the respectable, remarkable, interesting show. I met Ivan Yarygin when I was a young wrestler and he was a coach and the president of the federation. We trained in neighboring rooms and he engrafted a good attitude to the world and to ourselves in us. We had no doubt – we were the nation of winners.

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