20 cups and 80 medals have been produced for winners and prize holders of the tournament

The Moscow company Art Stone has been responsible for the awards production for the past ten years. According to the director of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Alexandr Derevyanko, the awarding set includes 20 cups and 80 medals. Each cup has a massive base made of the real stones - white marble and black granite, also of reduced-weight which allows to hold it in a hand. Despite that the winner’s award weights approximately 5 kg.

Silver plated cup for men depicts the famous throw of the twofold Olympic champion, Ivan Yarygin, the one for women, gold-plated – the goddess of victory, Nika. Before, the cups were the same for men and women. Different kind of award women has been given since Art Stone became responsible.

- Three steps that hold Nika represent the commitment to win, - tells the director of the company, Michail Pahomchick. – Besides that, Nika – it is not only victory, but also womanhood and aeriality. Some people might thing that those things are impossible in wrestling, but we try to promote this idea with our cups. For medals production we use cold enamel, gilding, silver plating. Each award is an exclusive product made for the Ivan Yarygin’s fund.

Not surprisingly, this company is also produces the awards for the XXIX Winter Universiade 2019, that will take place in Krasnoyarsk from 2 until 12 March.

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