25 referees are officiating bouts of the tournament

In Krasnoyarsk, 25 referees from Turkey, Japan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, USA, China, Uzbekistan, Belgium and Russia work on the International tournament of free-style wrestling “Ivan Yarygin”. Technical delegate from the international wrestling organization “United World Wrestling”, Halil Ibragim Gidgioglu (Turkey) is watching the bouts. The judges of the tournament are sharing their expectations:

Alexei Bazulin, meet chairman of the tournament (Bryansk):

Rules have changed this year, that is why the number of judges is not that as big as the previous years. But the quality is the most important thing, not quantity. Only judges of categories 1 and 1S can work at the tournament of this level.

Halil Ibragim Gidgioglu, technical delegate from the international wrestling organization “United World Wrestling”:

I expect the highest level of officiating of this competition. Judges have to avoid making small or big mistakes in their work. Before the competition started, I gave the two-hour training, where we analyzed the previous tournament, mentioned last year mistakes, so we are going to take it into account this year.

Kuninori Koyke, referee (Japan):

It is my first time on the “Ivan Yarygin” tournament and the first time in Russia. The organization is very good and the venue is great. This rating competition is very important, so many strong athletes take part in it and we watch many impressive bouts.

Noravard Arustamyan, referee, deputy of executive director of Russian Wrestling Federation:

Bouts at the tournaments of such level are less traumatic, athletes know how to wrestle and are able to do it. Judging is hard morally – the bouts are important, decisive. For Russian team members it is one of the qualifications for the Europe championship. All the bouts of this lever are spectacular and glorious, some of them are more dynamic, some are less, but the tournament is interesting to watch and officiate.

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