Actual aspects of trainings of sports reserve were discussed in Krasnoyarsk

The Interregional Seminar for coaches “Actual aspects of trainings of sports reserve of wrestling in regions of Russian Federation” has been held for two days as part of XXIX International tournament of free-style wrestling among men and women Grand-Prix series “Ivan Yariguin” .

The event has been held according to the plan of the Ministry of Sports of Krasnoyarsk region, Federal center of sports reserve together with the Russian Wrestling Federation and Krasnoyarsk regional Institution of Advanced Training of workers of branch of physical culture and sport.

130 chiefs, coaches and other experts of wrestling from the Siberian territories and other regions took part in the seminar.

According to the reports of the first day of the seminar, there was a heated discussion of the remuneration of labour for coaches, the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science for realization ща the individual training plans of leading athletes during Unified State Examination, questions of deployment of athletes at all stages oа wrestling trainings.

On the second day the participants dipped into the gender dimension of athletes’ personalities in wrestling.  Most of the participants noted the importance of consideration of athletes’ gender in the organizing of training process.   As part of the seminar program the first workshop of actualizing of experimental Federal forum of women’s wrestling development of Siberian federal region was held. The Russian Wrestling Federation has supported the initiative of Krasnoyarsk region to found the center of women’s wrestling development on the basis of SSOR      named after B.H. Saitiev.

- It was interesting to get the information about the training of sports reserve, about performance targets of Federal center,  - says the chief of  providing the participation in sports events of the sport training center of  the Republic of Khakassia, Inga Karamchakova. – We discussed different questions: age limits, psychological aspects, the possibilities of participation in testing sites, specifics ща sports reserve trainings.  I’ve been too many similar seminars: in Krasoyarsk they are always held at the highest level.

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