Strong composition

Hideo Sasayama, the  head coach of the Japanese team:

- Japanese athletes are strong and assiduous and even in that frost, which we are not used to, they feel good. They don’t give up and aim to reach the difference of 10 points/ But there are many strong athletes from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey.

Isak Irbaihanov, the head coach of the Turkish team:

- Iэму been to five Olympic Games, and I state authoritatively that this tournament is never weak. The strongest gather here. This time we brought more young athletes, so they could fight with strong opponents. Only two out of 17 have been to Krasnoyarsk before. It is hard to claim many awards because they are not experienced enough and the Russians brought their strongest wrestlers.

Akhto Raske, the coach of the Finnish team:

- This is our second time at the Yariguin’s tournament. Last time we came 4 years ago, when it was held in the Palace of Sports named after Ivan Yariguin. It was ook there, but this arena we like more. We’ve decided to come because this is the only tournament of such level in January. I brought two athletes – they are the strongest in their categories in Finland. We like the composition, there are many Asian athletes, and we rarely meet them at other competitions. Their style of wrestling is interesting, different from the European. If we want to perform well in World championships, we have to know how they fight.

Magomed Guseinov, the coach of the Dagestan team:

- The wrestlers from Dagestan have been showing strong performance due to the quality of their work, skills, interest and fans’ support. I’ll be happy, if they show such strong performance at the upcoming European championship. I have no doubts that the Russian wrestlers are the best in the world. We all hope they will take their places on the pedestal of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. 

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