The winners and medalists of the second day say

Yu Miyahara (Japan), 1st place, 53 kg:

- Japanese team trains hard every month! We came here right after the Asian tournament. Those who is fighting today at the Yariguin’s tournament, won the first, second and third places there. So, our team in Krasnoyarsk is represented by the strongest ones.

Qi Zhang (China), 1st place, 57 kg:

- I have been preparing to this tournament intensively, I trained every day. My opponent from Mongolia in the final was good. And maybe, under other circumstances, she could win. I am happy to be at this tournament: the audience is so supportive and the place of the competition is very comfortable.

 Trazhukova Inna (Russia), 3rd place, 62 kg:

- All the competitors were strong and titled. This is great – I’ll be stronger. I fought better than at the Russian Cup. I fought with all my great rivals. I know that I can fight at the same level with them. Of course, the wrestle with Orkhon Purevdorj was unequal, because I lost out to her last year in the final of Yariguin’s tournament. This time we met sooner, but the fight went in the same vein. It takes the special preparation and concentration to fight her.  She sets a high tempo, this is her trump card. I knew what to expect but it was my third wrestle, and the first two of them were tough, so I couldn’t win over her. It might be different if we met on the  first round. In the first fight I had more energy. Anyway, I don’t see any opponents who are above my strength. Everything depends on my concentration and preparation.

Tamyra Mensah (USA), 1st place, 68 kg:

- The final with the Chinese athlete was the hardest wrestle for me. It wasn’t easy to win, but I enjoyed the fight. This is more than likely that I’m coming to the Ivan Yariguin tournament next year. I’ll always remember the competition in Krasnoyarsk by tough wrestles and cold weather (smiles).

Ilias Bekbulatov (Russia), 1st place, 65 kg:

- It seems that I was adjusted well today. On 24th January I fought at the Indian tournament and flew to Krasnoyarsk straight away. In the finals I met Akhmed Chakaev, wrestles between us are always tense, because we know each other well, train together in camps. Akhmed is like an older brother to me! But on the mat, of course, we are competitors.

Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov (Russia), 1st place, 79 kg:

- I met my opponent from USA for the first time in the final, but I knew that he fights well. But today the luck was on my side and I won! The hardest wrestle at the tournament? With Radik Valiev for getting into the final, because we work together in camps and know every move of each other.

Muradin Kushkhov  (Russia), 1st place, 125 kg:

- Last year I didn’t participate anywhere and tried to be careful because of the shoulder injury. Now my health is good. A week ago I had five wrestles at the tournament of Mindiashvili Academy to qualify for the Yariguin’s. A week was enough to recover strength and today I won! Now my coach and I are going to prepare for the European Championship.

Hachyn Kuular (Russia, Krasnoyarsk region), 3rd place, 65 kg:

- Winning this medal was hard. I haven’t reached my goal. The 3rd place is a good result, but I planned to win this tournament. The wrestle with Ilias Bekbulatov was the hardest, and I lost. Bekbulatov today is number one in our weight category, this is not easy to win over him. Ilias used to be my idol, I wanted to be like him. Now we are fighting on at the same level and I think this is a good result.

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