We welcome the wrestlers in sunny Krasnoyarsk!

The Opening ceremony of the XXIX International tournament of free-style wrestling among men and women Grand-Prix series “Ivan Yariguin” took place at Football - Arena "Yenisei” in Krasnoyarsk.

The story of success of an outstanding wrestler, founder ща the tournament, twofold champion of the Olympics, Ivan Yariguin, was presented to the sport fans and the participants of the competition in a bright illuminated and musical show. The life of the famous Krasnoyarsk citizen can be represented with words: “Our life is fair wrestling” – “Fair wrestling is our life”.

The spectators have learned some facts and events from the interview with the President of Wrestling Academy and Ivan Yariguin’s coach, Dmitrii Mindiashvili.

The minutes of memories took turns with dancing acts. The best on-stage performance groups of the region, professional performers and special effects masters. The song “Heroes of sport” was performed by the solo-singer of the Krasnoyarsk Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Vera Baranova, and the prize holder of international singing competitions, Vitalii Osipov, and touching song “Grapeseed” was performed by the soloist of “Yakhont” band, Aleksei Orlov. One of the brightest moments was the song  “In the name of a fair fight” performed by the Krasnoyarsk Choir.

In the official part of the ceremony the parade of countries-participants took place.

Acting Governor of Krasnoyarsk Region, Aleksandr Uss, and President of Russian Wrestling Federation, Michail Mamiashvili. 

- Once again we open the wrestling event of the highest level, that gathered the great number of athletes who will show themselves in a fair fight, - said Michail Mamiashvili. – We’ll see our winners: some will be proud of their performance, some will be disappointed  - this is sport! I think, everyone will take a piece of the Siberian heart with them and pay their respect to the great son of Russia, the great Krasnoyarsk citizen, Ivan Yariguin. What did he leave to us? Love and kindness. I am grateful to our foreign brothers, those who has found the possibility to cross the great distance and come to sunny Krasnoyarsk at minus 35 degrees.

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