Memory postcard

At Grand-Prix “Ivan Yariguin-2018” in Krasnoyarsk you can send a postcard to your relatives and friends to any place of Russia. That possibility is provided to the guests of the tournament by Russian Post every year.

There are three types of postcards featuring the legendary wrestler, Ivan Yariguin, issued this year. According to representatives of Russian Post, 200 postcards of each kind were issued and they will not be any more. It will take from 1 to 5 days the exclusive mail to reach the addressee. 

- I have never gotten a postcard myself in my life! – says Sergey Tatarinov, who came to the tournament from Irkutsk region. – Now I have sent postcards to my parents and I am sure it will make them happy, because it is a very interesting gift!

Aleksandr Checheenov has sent some postcards to his wife, mother and his little child.

- I have got tired of sending massages with my phone and I wanted to send a postcard. I think my relatives will be happy to find three postcards in the mail box. I am not going to tell them anything yet, let it be a surprise.

- I have sent a postcard to my friend’s son, because he does wrestling. The postcards are beautiful and I would be glad to get one of them myself, - says another Krasnoyarsk citizen, Ekaterina Safaran.

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