The medical brigade is on duty at the “Football-arena Enisey”

During three days of the Yarygin tournament the medical brigade is on duty at the Krasnoyarsk, “Football-arena Enisey”, the doctors are ready to provide their help to the wrestlers and anyone who needs it.

There 8 doctors in the building, together with two resuscitators. To provide an emergency help there is a resuscitation car at the entrance of the facility.

- Yesterday, 28th of January, there were basically superficial injuries among the athletes, also registered eyebrow dissections and nose injuries, - says the doctor of Siberian scientific-clinical center FMBA of Russia, Evgenii Kraskin. – Usually, the athletes turn to us with stretchings, bruises and scratches. There were no serious injuries. Old traumas of the athletes might escalate, but this is always expectable.

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