The winners and medalists of the second day say

On the official website of the Yarygin tournament you can find the videos of all final fights of the second day. And now the winners and medalists are sharing their feelings. 

Rei Higuchi (JPN), 3 place, 61 kg:

- I've been in this category only recently and it was my first time to take part in such tournament in Russia. All the wrestlers here seem to be strong, and I have a good impression of the tournament itself – it is well organized and al the opponents are decent. Gadjimurat Rashidov is the strongest. He obviously had the advantages of strength. Fighting with him I realized that I have to train more specially my strength. 

Dauren Krugliev (RUS), 1 place, 86 kg:

- I made mistakes every year, but this time I concentrated and won. I called my parents straightaway, my mother cried with joy. Of course, I'm satisfied myself too. I could say that the final fight was the hardest, my opponent was very strong physically. It is usual for the Iranians place the emphasis on physical strength. 

Alan Hugaev (RUS), 1 place, 125 kg:

- The aims were high. This is my 6th tournament. The final fight was hard, my opponent is of high level, he has good results. But my aim was to set the pace and to get my points. I think I won at the expense of pace, because I knew, that my opponent is better functionally.  Today I did it. We had to show good result – we have a good team and god coaches. I needed to justify their hopes. 

Maiyu Mukaida (JPN), 1 place, 53 kg:

- All the athletes on this tournament are strong. I'm completely satisfied with my performance. I trained hard and I find my performance today good. I'm happy that I had a chance to come to Russia. Now I'm going to prepare to the competition in Japan, and after that… Well, it is too soon to tell! 

Sae Nanyo (JPN), 1 place, 55 kg:

- This is my first victory in the competition of such level. I am very happy! Now I can relax a little bit. 

Shara Hilderbrandt (USA), 2 place, 55 kg:

- This is my first tournament in Russia. I'm a little disappointed with my second place, but still happy that I had a chance to take part and get silver medal. I've made a few psychological mistakes, gave up too soon. But in general I did well physically. It was an honor to fight in the final with the Japanese representative, still they are the best in the world at wrestling.

Orhon Purevdorj (MGL), 1 place, 63 kg:

- On the last year Yarygin tournament I beat legendary Kaori Icho. My final fight today was hard. I'm happy to win here for the second time. The thing is, I've been in this category only recently and I won my main competitor on the Mongolian championship, who won the third place in the Olympics in Rio. Now I'm going to prepare to the Asian championship. 

Aiyaka Ito (JPN), 3 place, 63 kg:

- Despite of the third place, I'm still happy. I got the impression, that the Russian athletes are very strong. We train together in Japan, without the division into Olympic champions and those who haven't reached such results. We learn a lot from each other!

Inna Trazhukova (RUS), 2 place, 63 kg:

- I haven't gotten in shape yet. The new season has just begun. Today I felt tired before the final. Yes, I lost today, but I think, I showed good wrestling. It is a different feeling when you stand on the first place. 

Alena Starodubtseva (RUS, Krasnoyarsk region), 2 place, 75 kg:

- I shouldn't have given away my points at the beginning of the final fight. Later I tried to catch up but it wasn't enough. I won this opponent a month ago (Gan Ochir Urtnasan, MGL – editor's note). Please forgive me, but o it happened today. Wrestling is my life, and I want to train and grow. I must win!

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