Frost and high level of wrestling

Technical delegate of the   International organization “United world of wrestling” Carol Lebkovski form Poland for the first time works at the tournament “Ivan Yarygin” Therefore he can see it clearly.

Carol, could you share your impressions about the tournament. What do you like, what seems unusual?

- First thing that I like is the weather. In Poland it is minus one-two, and here is a real winter. Second is, of course, a high level of the competition. There are a lot of beautiful fights. I like when leadership passes from one rival to another during the battle and there are lots of such ones here.

Do you remember any wrestlers specially?

- In my work I do not pay attention to wrestlers` surnames. When I go to the competition, I have only “red” and “blue”. All bouts are interesting. Here, a silver prize winner of the Olympic games Ray Khiguchi has just wrestled. He lost, but the battle itself was beautiful and interesting (Khiguchi surrendered in the first round to Russian Gadjimurad Rashidov). 

Do you as a technical delegate have a lot of work?

- Not yet today. Yesterday there were a lot of questionable moments which we have to  look through several times. But is it a normal situation characteristic of the other tournaments too. 

How is the Yarygin tournament different from all the other big ones?

- Yes, I go round Europe a lot. There also many wrestlers fight. The difference is in the level, here it is very high. 

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