Yuriy Shakhmuradov: we lack aggression

Professor Yuriy Shakhmuradov is not only a bright interlocutor; it is a person who will never try to conceal a problem. Somebody who won three medals at the last Olympiad would say what good guys we are. For Yuriy Shakhmuradov a high result will not mean solution of all the problems.

- For the Russian team the Yarygin tournament is the first big competition after the Olympic Games. We presented here everyone who could take part- adults and youngsters. Due to some reasons only three leaders were absent- Valeria Koblova, Natalia Vorobyova, Ekaterina Bukina. Three other participants of the Olympic Games wrestled here. Unfortunately we have a very small bench of sportswomen who do this sport. We must seriously develop women wrestling, mostly in regions, creating centers of women wrestling.

Has anything changed since last years?

- There are slight dynamics in the development of the first team. At the last Olympiad   we had 2 silver medals, one bronze and one fifth place. It is a question of how well certain people were prepared to certain starts, here we can do something. But the reserve is not deep enough. For example, here two veterans fight in the heavy weight and some young girls, whose future can hardly be predicted.

Last year at the tournament Russian sportswomen won Japanese in some finals. This seemed to be a tendency, but they lose again…

- What tendency are you talking about? Japan is a leading empire in the world women wrestling. For example, if earlier our cadets  used to wrestle equally with theirs, now they have broken through min this age. Their 17-year old girl wins  a championship of the world. Why? They start doing wrestling  at 5-6 years, like in gymnastics. We can not do it legally, we are allowed to do it at the age of 10. Figuratively, at the age of 5 they have learnt all the notes, and when they play Chopin, we play chopsticks. The Japanese have a brilliant school, but they let only watch it, not touch it.

So what is to be done?

- We try to do something. Now we are negotiating a united training period with American athletes and other teams. The Americans are very aggressive in wrestling, they are brought up to be first at any price, so ois their style. We lack it. If we manage to become one of the first three- it is ok.

Khanum Velieva from Krasnoyarsk showed aggressive wrestling, but she stayed without a medal. What does she lack?

- She is a very promising girl, but she is very young, she wrestled very little. There is not enough experience. We look   after her, we are going to send her to the youth championship of  Europe. It is good that she is active and initiative. This is what we need.

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