Wrestling tournament Grand Prix “Ivan Yarygin” has proved its sustainability

President of the Russian Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili works in Krasnoyarsk. His schedule includes business meetings and attendance of the competitions. Mikhail Gerazievich believes that the Ivan Yarygin Grand prix tournament is the important part of the World Wrestling.

“This tournament has proved its worth by the attention paid to it, by its level and by the goals and tasks it carries. In fact, the results of the Yarygin tournament can be equated to the small European championship” – Mikhail Mamiashvili believes.

“Participation in Krasnoyarsk competitions is a calling card for an athlete” says an honored guest. “That can be a great addition to the image of the athlete. It doesn’t matter whether sportsman was in the world or Olympic podium, as the Yarygin tournament counts as a serious professional stage,” added Mikhail Mamiashvili.

The guest of honor also didn’t ignore the news of the death of Dmitriy Mindiashvili that shocked the entire sports world. Now the Federation is working on the issue of perpetuating the memory of the great coach.

Dmitriy Georgievich has already inscribed his name into the century with his life, attitude to the country and with his profession. We will consider bringing new impulses to his legace. I will reveal you a little secret: as far as I know, the issue of reconstruction of the Academy of Wrestling is being worked out now. Anyway, life goes on and we will be forever thankful to Dmitriy Georgievich for his great work” said the president of the Wrestling Federation of Russia.

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